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Refresh's podcast

Do you need refreshing?

  • Refresh is a podcast designed for all who are thirsty for God’s Word. Scripture-centered segments will encourage you to diver deeper into the Bible and bring challenges and refreshment to the soul.
  • Refresh is Intended to fortify, supplement, and support discipleship and to minister to people's needs. We want you to be refreshed and to see your value in the eyes of God.


Jun 28, 2021

God can speak to us in any way He chooses. How cool! God asks us to trust Him - and we should. Yet, it is our choice to do so - or not. We can choose to trust even in our desert experiences - like those the Israelite's faced when they lacked water in the wilderness. There is a pretty amazing twist to this story....

Jun 8, 2021

Yep! Silence is a sound. We can learn so much in silence. Join me in discovering how God used silence and being still to communicate with his people in the Bible, and still to us, today. 

Jun 8, 2021

Yes, I have a very ugly green chair - and I love it. And you know what? God cares about the little things!

Jun 8, 2021

My favorite flower is found in the desert. It is ugly and worn, until the refreshing rains pour down...

Jun 8, 2021

Join me for some refreshing as we dive into scripture and find  encouragement for your week!