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Refresh's podcast

Do you need refreshing?

  • Refresh is a podcast designed for all who are thirsty for God’s Word. Scripture-centered segments will encourage you to diver deeper into the Bible and bring challenges and refreshment to the soul.
  • Refresh is Intended to fortify, supplement, and support discipleship and to minister to people's needs. We want you to be refreshed and to see your value in the eyes of God.


Jul 25, 2021

Leadership is a big topic. There are leadership degrees, classes, conferences, etc. While these are great and useful, there is one skill we can all learn - it is to lead like a shepherd. How does a shepherd lead? Listen and find out!

Jul 19, 2021

When have you experienced distress in your life? What do you do once you know your prayer has been heard? Let's look at the life of Hannah and her prayer to the Lord in Shiloh. Her response to being heard is my favorite part!Hannah's Prayer

Jul 11, 2021

Exodus 14:14 tells us that there are many a time when only God can fight our battles for us. Sometimes, we just need to be quiet, take a step back, and let God direct our situations and circumstances. There are other times when God tells us to take action!

This particular podcast discusses how we, more often that...

Jul 4, 2021

Do you have a godly heritage? If so, are you living it out? If not, you can be the beginning of a godly heritage for you, your friends, and your family! Rahab, our hero of faith from the Bible, created one in what seemed like impossible circumstances. You can do it too! Listen to her story. She is amazing.