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Refresh's podcast

Do you need refreshing?

  • Refresh is a podcast designed for all who are thirsty for God’s Word. Scripture-centered segments will encourage you to diver deeper into the Bible and bring challenges and refreshment to the soul.
  • Refresh is Intended to fortify, supplement, and support discipleship and to minister to people's needs. We want you to be refreshed and to see your value in the eyes of God.


Jan 23, 2022

Holiness is a word that needs to become popular once again!

To be "pure in heart" is to strive to live a holy life. How do we do this? We make every effort to walk in right relationship with God as outlined by Jesus in the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes give us a roadmap for holiness and to be "pure in heart." What is the result? That we "shall see God." Wherever the will of God is done, there He is present. It is a "right now" presence and a future hope for the day we will see God, face to face.